Influence of Dental Prophylaxis in Tooth Color L*a*b* Values

Autores: Ruben Pereira, João Silveira, Susana Dias, Ana Cardoso, Duarte Marques, António Mata
Instituição: International Association for Dental Research - IADR
Valor da bolsa: 200.00€
Apresentação durante o evento CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress em Madrid, Espanha | 2019-09-19

Objectives: To evaluate dental prophylaxis (DP) influence in tooth color L*a*b* values assessed by a spectrophotometer.

Methods: For this diagnostic study, seventy volunteers were consecutively screened according to appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria. Tooth color assessment was performed by a spectrophotometer, Spectroshade (SS) (MHT Optic Research, Italy; serial number HDL3973) in both upper incisives (11, 21) and canines (13, 23) of each patient. Previous to DP procedure, two measurements were performed to evaluate reliability and baseline ΔE for the SS. One week after DP, measurements with SS were done in order to determine changes in tooth color. Results are presented as mean ± standard deviation (SD) of CIE L*a*b* values and ΔE of global and individual teeth. SS reliability was assessed by intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). Differences between baseline and after DP measurements were analysed with Student paired t Test with significance level set at α= 0.05. The perceptibility and acceptability thresholds values were considered as ΔE=1.2 and ΔE=2.7, respectively.

Results: Sixty-six patients were included. ICC values obtained excellent reliability ranging between 0.76-0.98. Global ΔE mean value ± SD after DP was 1.68±1.47 while individual teeth values were 1.51±1.05, 1.93±1.71, 1.59±1.42 and 1.70±1.59, respectively for 11, 13, 21 and 23. Paired t test revealed a significant difference (P≤0.01) between ΔE mean value at baseline control (1.08±0.86) and after DP (1.68±1.47). After DP, a decrease in b* values was detected in all teeth, although without significant differences when compared to baseline.

Conclusions: After performing dental prophylaxis, tooth color values presented a statistically significant difference in ΔE units detected by a spectrophotometer.


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